Empire Apart by Brian Landers

Winner of THE PEOPLES BOOK PRIZE July 2009



Pegasus published the US edition in August. For this hardback edition Pegasus have commissioned a striking new cover.


Following representations from distributors the Introduction was deleted but is available on this website. Some distributors apparently considered some of the work anti-American prompting Matthew Bell, writing in The Independent on Sunday, to comment wryly on the differing cultures on each side of the Atlantic. More




2009 was an exciting year with publication of Empires Apart in the UK and lots of bookshop events and speaking engagements. As well as presentations in Oxford, Cambridge and Exeter there were numerous talks to school sixth forms.


On 8th December a video of a talk to Nonsuch High School for Girls was included in the school blog www.nonsuchhp.blogspot.com


Among the responses to talks were:


Royal Grammar School, Guildford “An engaging and accessible approach to a subject outside the regular academic experience of the students. It is relatively rare to hear a talk so well pitched to the ability of the students here” Philip Nathan, Head of General Studies


Exeter University “You drew a big crowd and the students were genuinely engaged – we all hope for just one experience like that during our academic careers!” Professor Susan Banducci, Politics Department Exeter University


Headline for July 2009

Empires Apart is the winner of THE PEOPLES BOOK PRIZE July 2009

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